Hello 2015!

A new year has begun. A month is almost over. 2015 is flying so fast — there’s no denying it. Manila was preoccupied with the Pope’s visit a few weeks back. I attempted to see the Pope and attend the mass at Luneta, but I failed to endure the rain and crowds of unruly people at Luneta, and I missed seeing the Pope at the Apostolic Nunciature twice!

Beyond the Pope’s visit, I was busy investing in myself — learning how to drive (I have yet to get that driver’s license), trying to lose some excess weight and enriching my (limited) Spanish language knowledge. Then, there are trips to plan for the year.

It’s amazing how I survived not going out of the country in 2014. I promised to be more cautious with travel spending early in the previous year, but my decision to leave my job prompted for more drastic belt-tightening measures. I had an international travel drought! It was the first time that I never left the country in a year — the longest interval since I started travelling outside the country. When a year was marked since I came from India, I was feeling down. Fortunately, things are looking better this year.

So far, I have one international trip booked: Japan. At long last, my father gets to realize his dream destination. I made the decision to postpone employment until I get back from Japan by the end of the first quarter. (And I’m praying that there would be another international trip that’s worth postponing employment for.)

Then, my friends and I are flying to a local destination: Boracay. I’ve never been to the island, but I guess any decent Filipino traveler should find the time to do so. Here comes my chance; I’m grabbing it.

There’s nothing yet to add to this scanty list. Come what may, for now. I’m hoping that by the end of the year, I would’ve surprised myself with the new experiences I’ve tried and new destinations I’ve visited.

Happy travels! =)