Pousada de Mong-ha

Macau: Pousada de Mong-Ha

Travelling from Hong Kong to Macau was relatively short, though I felt tired by the time we arrived in Macau. There was the long walk around the Victoria Harbor in the morning and noon, the long immigration queue at the ferry terminal, and the long wait time for the taxi that would take us from the seaport to the hotel. In addition to those, we had to endure a very rude taxi driver who kept raising his voice on us when we didn’t know where the hotel was exactly located. We were lucky to spot a fellow Filipino who pointed us to the right direction, probably just 50 meters up the hill.

Pousada de Mong-ha

The wall tiles behind made this scene more picturesque!

We arrived at our hotel, and the facade looked old. It was something that I didn’t expect since this hotel was rated number one in TripAdvisor. Yet the staff was ready for us — there’s someone outside ready to welcome us in what would be one of the most special hotels for me.

We walked into this very cozy lobby with dim lights and dark leather sofa. I felt I wasn’t in a hotel, but in a house of someone close to me. It was homey. Check-in was very fast, and soon someone led us to our rooms.

Upon opening the door, I was stunned. Never in my life had I stayed in a room with an anteroom. I wanted to ask the staff if he got it right that we just wanted the deluxe room, but kept my mouth shut. I turned around and saw this study with a computer on it, free to use. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was a very good surprise. 🙂 (My cellphone company didn’t activate the roaming service of my cellphone — so I had no contact to Manila throughout our Hong Kong stay!)

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

I love the desk — it’s rustic yet it provided me the computer to access the the internet!

The bedroom itself was very spacious, and I loved the wood carving that served as the bed’s headboard. There’s a balcony hidden by the curtains, showing you yet another view of Macau. The bathroom just had a shower enclosure, yet it was very big and it had a massage panel so I definitely couldn’t ask for more. It was one of the longest showers I had for days, and it really soothed my aching muscles.

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

Who wouldn’t love the headboard? Very intricate.

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

I would love to spend an afternoon just sleeping!

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

The bathroom doesn’t look spacious here, but it’s big!

The Day After

We all woke up feeling re-energized. I loved this hotel. Little did I know that I should brace for more wonderful surprises.

Breakfast was included in the reservation. The breakfast place was near the lobby. Entering it made me feel that I was transported in a villa somewhere in Europe — the interiors showcase a Portuguese influence with white walls decorated with azulejos (that familiar blue and white tiles) and brick flooring.

Food choices were excellent too. The food was sumptuous — from the bread to the jams to the cured meat. They were so delicious. I can still remember the flakiness of the croissant and the tenderness of the ham. Yum! The staff were also very accommodating to all the guests.

The breakfast was really pleasant!

More than a Hotel

The hotel is located in Mong-ha Hill, where Fortaleza de Mong-ha stands. It used to be a military fortress of the Portuguese, which now serves as a tourist attraction. My mom and I climbed uphill to the fort, and took an overlooking view of Macau. On the way there, we could smell the food they were cooking in the restaurant. We were enticed to have a meal there, yet the timing was off since we were to see the attractions of Macau for the entire day and we were heading back to Manila in the evening.

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

Another fountain in Mong-ha Hill. This one was a lot bigger though than the first one.

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

That’s me in front of the fortress.

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

A very cute cannon in front of the fortress

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

Looking at some buildings in Macau

Pousada de Mong-ha, Macau

A challenging road to take when getting down the hill from the fortress

The hotel is also a training institution for Macau’s tourism students. Perhaps that explains the excellent services they provided. I am honestly very grateful to all those who made our stay very comfortable.

By shelling out only MOP 700 for a room, this was truly one of the best hotel experiences ever! Too sad we only had one night in Macau. 🙁

I highly recommend this hotel to anyone. It won’t break the bank, and it made our stay in Macau truly memorable. You may visit their website here.

That was it for our Hong Kong – Macau trip. It was another trip filled with great memories. It’s yet another addition to the family tradition we’ve created.

I’ll post about Puerto Princesa next time. Happy travels!