Looking Back

The year 2012 has been a memorable one — some good, others not so. There were happy times, yet there were a lot of bumps along the way. As the year draws to an end, I’d like to share with you the highlights of 2012 in my life:


My travel plans started rough — AirAsia cancelled its flight to New Delhi, thereby cancelling our plans to go to India in May. My family and I rebooked this to a three-leg trip across Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The start of the year also signified my transfer to a new sub-team. I’m grateful to my sub-teammates for making me feel comfortable.


Logos Hope docked in Manila, and I had the very first time to visit the bookstore ship. Ofcourse, I had a fantastic time buying books at very, very affordable prices!


I started the crazy workout called Insanity. It was indeed difficult, yet it conditioned my body well. =)

It was also during this month that I had the chance to visit Corregidor. Hello, old barracks!

Lastly, it was this month when this blog was born.


Hello Summer!

It’s time for the outing for my team. We went to Laiya, Batangas to spend the weekend. Not a very pretty beach, but the company of friends was good enough to make the stay so much more pleasant.


It was finally time to see Indonesia! I was able to visit KL for the third time, and to see the Universal Studios in Singapore.

Sadly, when I was in Singapore, I got sick — causing me to be confined in the hospital for a few days after coming back to the Philippines.


This month didn’t start right — a very good friend left our office to work for another company in another part of the Philippines. It was the first time that I felt so sad with someone leaving the team.

To Ryven, I miss you. Hope I see you soon!

June marked another milestone, but in a better light — my blog came to life at this point. It was during this month that I started posting quite regularly. (Before June, the last entry was March.)


My friends from the office went to my university to do a food trip. Oh yes, I missed eating isaw (grilled chicken intestines), the cakes from Chocolate Kiss, and tapsilog from Rodic’s.


Thanks to Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe for coffee-and-espresso layered cheesecake, I made one for my brother’s birthday. It was the very first cheesecake I’ve ever done. Recipe can be found here.

I also had my worst commute in my life during this month. It was the night prior to the southwest monsoon causing a very heavy rainfall in Metro Manila. My feet were wet and I had to ride an ordinary (no air-conditioning) bus while the rain poured heavily outside. I arrived home just before midnight, unable to sleep thinking about what happened. Unfortunately, it was just a prelude to something bigger — work was suspended the following day due to the rain.


I turned 23.

The month marked my second year working for the same company, or just working for that matter. Thank you, Jo, for being a friend throughout those two years. 🙂

Saying goodbye to Kathrina wasn’t easy. After all, we almost had the same way of thinking. I miss you Kat, but I know that you’re enjoying your break there in the United States 😛


This month flew by really fast! I’m not even sure what happened during this month, except for arranging a fostering for my team where we played bowling in the University of the Philippines and ate all day, inspired by the food trip last July.


I loved how I had my weekends away for this month! My family and I went to Hong Kong and Macau, followed by a trip to Palawan.

My relatives came here in the Philippines from the United States and we had a little reunion. It was fun to see my mother and her brothers be reunited after almost 40 years!


I wanna go surfing!

Dream came true when my friends and I went to Baler, Aurora to surf. Initially, we scheduled a trip to Batad, but the hotel personnel discouraged us from going since the rice terraces weren’t green during this month, so we opted to go to Baler. Surfing was fun, fun, fun!

Another good friend, Julian, left the team. Why is everyone leaving, anyway? 🙁

I didn’t have a blast this 2012, but the year was good enough. Here’s to hoping for better experiences in 2013! Happy New Year everyone!!! =)