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This blog is designed to document my travels both here in the Philippines and abroad, paying particular attention to the how-to’s and costs of do-it-yourself travel. Here you would find stories of my journeys and photos of beautiful sceneries and cultures I’ve come across with. Happy reading!

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  • Food Tripping in Iloilo

    Food Tripping in Iloilo

    No trip in Iloilo would be complete without sampling its array of Ilonggo dishes. Our time was short, but we got to sample some of their best dishes. Batchoy from Netong’s Batchoy is one of the most famous Ilonggo dishes.... Read More »


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I am Karen, and I love to travel. I love seeing new places and exploring new cultures. I am in love with the idea of getting away from the daily grind to see wonders I just once fancied going to. I like planning getaways, yet love laughing at the mishaps that come along my way. Read more…

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